Our Staff

At First Academy, we pride ourselves on providing amazing staff at First Academy to make you and your children feel comfortable. Scroll below to meet some of our key staff members.
Krista Barley

Krista is the owner and Executive Director of First Academy. She started the preschool and daycare center in the 1990s with her sister, Melissa. Since then, the center has grown so much!

Krista and her husband, Jonathan, have three kids of their own, Ethan, Julia and Austin.

Debbie Aldridge

Debbie is the director at First Academy. She has been with us nearly 20 years. Debbie is great to work with and great with the kids!


Debbie has two kids of her own, Nick and Hannah. Hannah also works at the center.​

Rose Priestly

Rose is ​the Academic Coordinator at First Academy. She organizes the curriculum, ensuring that each child is going to be getting the most out of their experience at our center. Rose has been with us for over 10 years!